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Living Super

Living Super

Competitive investment and administration fees.

Open Living Super

Why open a Living Super account?

  • Make it simple or mix it up

    Choose our Balanced option, or mix and match your investments to meet your individual needs.

  • Rollover your super online

    Rollover and consolidate your super online so it's all in one place, easier to manage and you could save on fees.

  • Competitive investment and administration fees

    Rated Excellent for fees by SuperRatings, September 2015.

  • Invest in direct shares easily

    Trade shares real-time online. Choose from the S&P/ASX 300 index, selected Exchange Traded Funds and Listed Investment Companies.

  • Keep tabs on your super

    Get secure online access to your account. You can check on its progress at any time, right there next to your other ING DIRECT accounts.

  • Sign up in minutes

    You can open your Living Super account online or over the phone in a few simple steps.

  • Insurance made simple

    A straightforward range of insurance options including Automatic Cover with premiums paid directly from your account.

  • Single Issue Advice paid for by ING DIRECT

    Not sure what to do with your super? ING DIRECT will pay for your first piece of single issue advice, to help with key decisions on insurance, investments, contributions and other important matters.

  • Living Super is an award winner

    With awards like the Super Ratings Fast Mover for 2014, Living Super is proud of its achievements.

  • Pension and Transition to Retirement

    Account options to draw down your super savings as a regular income stream after you meet a condition of release

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How it works

How Living Super works

An overview of investment categories, insurance options and account management basics.

Living Super structure:
Super Contributions
and Rollovers

Cash Hub

Investment Strategy

Cash Hub

When you open an ING DIRECT Living Super account, a Cash Hub is also established for you:

The Cash Hub is the control centre of your Living Super account. It is an interest bearing account that is used to receive income and pay expenses for your Living Super account.

Once you've met the minimum Cash Hub balance requirement your super can be invested in one or more of the Living Super investment categories.

Super Contributions
and Rollovers

Contributions can go into your Living Super account from a range of sources. These include:

Your employer.

Rollovers from other super accounts.

Personal contributions.

Your spouse.

The government (if eligible).

Investment Strategy

Money is moved from your Cash Hub to invest in your chosen option/s. Living Super has four investment categories - Smart, Safe, Select and Shares. You can opt for the Smart category (Balanced option), or you can choose across any or all of our four categories to meet your individual needs.

Safe - cash and term deposits

Targeting a 50:50 mix of cash and shares designed for medium to long term growth.

It's A simple super solution that delivers real value, choice and control. A buy/sell spread applies.

You can select from a range of options including Listed Property, Australian and International Fixed Interest or Shares.

Using our real-time online share trading platform, you can invest in shares from the S&P/ASX 300 index and a range of Exchange Traded Funds and Listed Investment Companies.

Competitive brokerage applies on all trades, and you get market research at no extra cost. A premium research subscription is also available.

Pension Payments

If you have a Transition to Retirement (TTR) account or Pension account, pension payments from these accounts will be funded from your Cash Hub:

When your pension starts, we calculate your pension minimum for that year on a pro rata basis.

You can choose to have your pension payments paid fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


Living Super has three life insurance options - Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Income Protection - and premiums are paid directly from your cash hub.

Apply for insurance cover in minutes with as little as 1 or 2 questions, or transfer your existing cover


New application - Up to $5 million cover

Transfer existing cover - Up to $2 million (inclusive of any other Total and Permanent Disability cover with ING DIRECT Living Super)

Provides a lump sum payout to help you repay debts or make your living arrangements more comfortable.

New application - Up to $30,000 per month up to the age 67

Transfer existing cover - Up to $20,000 per month (inclusive of any other Income Protection cover with ING DIRECT Living Super)

Provides a monthly payment as a replacement for lost income to help you cover daily living expenses, if you are temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury.

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Rates and fees

Rates and fees

Competitive rates and fees to help your super savings grow.

Interest rates

The Cash Hub must hold a minimum of $500 or 1% of your account balance (whichever is greater and capped at $10,000), plus an additional amount equal to the insurance premiums and pension payments (if applicable) due to be paid in the following two months.

Interest rate
Interest rate

Interest accrued on the cash option is reflected in the unit price.

Interest rate
Interest rate

Living Super Term Deposits offer a fixed rate of interest for the duration of the term and each require a minimum opening amount of $1,000. If you wish to close your Living Super Term Deposit before the maturity date, you must provide us with 31 days notice. The 2 year term deposit is only available in Super accounts, not Transition to Retirement or Pension account.

Interest rates

3 months

6 months

1 year

2 years

Living Super fees

Where there are fees, you'll find them competitive. Choose the category you're interested in to see just how low the fees are. Detailed information on the fees and costs of ING DIRECT Living Super can be found in the PDS, Product Guide and the Defined Fees Guide.

  • Establishment fee
  • Contribution fee
  • Withdrawal fee
  • Exit fee

Safe category: Your superannuation is invested in cash and term deposits held with ING DIRECT.

  • Administration fee
  • Investment fee
  • Indirect cost ratio

Smart category: This is the Living Super Balanced option. Your super is invested in a pre-selected mix of cash and shares.

  • Administration fee
  • Investment fee
  • Buy/sell spread
    Estimated to be between 0.06% - 0.07% when buying or selling units
  • Indirect cost ratio

Select category: Create your own investment strategy by choosing from a range of managed investments.

  • Administration fee
    0.50% p.a. of the Select category account balance, capped at $1,000 p.a.
  • Investment fee
    0.25% p.a. of the Select category account balance
  • Buy/sell spread
    Estimated to be between 0.06% - 0.21% when buying or selling units
  • Indirect cost ratio

Shares category: Take a hands-on approach, with real-time trading of S&P/ASX 300 shares, plus a selection of Exchange Traded Funds and Listed Investment Companies.

  • Administration fee
    $300 p.a.
  • Brokerage
    Brokerage of $20 or 0.13% per trade (whichever is greater)
  • Indirect cost ratio
  • Market research
    Included in the Administration fee
  • Premium market research (optional)
    $20 per month
  • Insurance premium
    Varies depending upon the amount and type of cover you choose and other factors such as your gender, age, occupation and your health declarations.
  • Member advice fee
    Varies depending on the advice services you use.
  • Term deposit early closure
    Varies depending on the original term.
  • Investment fees on Exchange Traded Products
    Varies depending on the investment fee charged by the Exchange Traded Products provider. It is reflected in the performance of the option.
  • Family law information
    $102.50 per request
  • Family law split
    $256.25 per request
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Tools and calculators

Got a question about Living Super?

Chances are you'll find the answer in our FAQs.

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked:

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How to get started

Kick-start your super savings

1. Choose your account type

Depending on where you're at in life, select from Super, Transition to Retirement or a Pension account. Use this guide to help you choose.

2. Select your investment

Select the Balanced option or choose to create your own investment strategy.

3. Sign up online or by phone

You can open a Living Super account in minutes. Do it online now or call us on 133 464, 8am-8pm, Mon-Fri and 9am-5pm Sat (AEST/AEDT).

It's for Australian residents only

You must be aged 13 or over

You'll need to have your tax file number handy

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