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Savings Accelerator

Savings Accelerator

A more rewarding rate for higher balances.

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Savings Accelerator

A tiered savings account, with a high variable interest rate.


Why open a Savings Accelerator?

  • Higher balance, higher interest rates

    Get a high variable interest rate on balances over $50,000, and an even higher rate on balances over $150,000. Rate applies to your whole balance.

  • Pay no ING DIRECT fees

    With every cent deposited earning you interest, all your money gets the chance to grow.

  • Know your savings are guaranteed

    Combined savings balances up to $250,000 per customer are guaranteed by the Australian Government.

  • Access your savings 24/7

    There's no fixed term or minimum withdrawal amount. Move your money using the mobile app, online and phone banking.

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Rates and fees

No fees, great rates

With no ING DIRECT fees, the interest you earn is all yours.

Interest Rates

$150,000 and over

Applies to your total balance, not just amounts $150,000 and over.

$50,000 - $149,999.99

Applies to your total balance, not just amounts $50,000 and over.

$0 - $49,999.99

Applies to your total balance.

The combined total deposits in all your Savings Accelerator account(s) shouldn't exceed $5 million, whether account(s) are in individual or joint name(s).
Open your Savings Accelerator in minutes
Tools and calculators

Got a question about Savings Accelerator?

Chances are, you'll find the answer in our FAQs.

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked:

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Open your Savings Accelerator in minutes
How to get started

Put your money to work

1. Sign up online

Open a Savings Accelerator online, or over the phone 24/7. Make a deposit and start earning interest.

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2. Higher balance, higher rate

Earn a high variable interest rate on balances of $50,000 and over. And get an even higher rate for balances over $150,000.

3. Access when you want it

There's no lock-in term. You can move your money when needed by making a simple funds transfer.

To open a Savings Accelerator, you must be:

An account holder using the product for personal use (if it's for your business, see our Business Optimiser account)

An Australian resident for taxation purposes

Aged 13 years or over

You'll need to give us:

An Australian residential address and telephone number

Linked bank account details to link to your Savings Accelerator account

A Tax File Number or exemption code (otherwise tax is deducted at the highest marginal rate)

An existing Client Number (if you're already with ING DIRECT)

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