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Orange Everyday

Orange Everyday

All the ATMs in Australia are free

When you deposit your salary of $1000 or more per month.

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Orange Everyday

The bank account that helps your salary go further.


Why open an Orange Everyday?

  • Free ATMs

    You can use every ATM in Australia for free - no matter the amount or who it's operated by - when you deposit your salary of $1,000 or more each month into your Orange Everyday.

  • 2% cash back

    Get 2% cash back on Visa payWave purchases under $100 in Australia when you deposit your salary of $1,000 or more each month into your Orange Everyday.

  • No monthly fees

    There are $0 monthly fees, so there's more in your pocket for life's incidentals.

  • It gets even better

    Open a Savings Maximiser and an Orange Everyday and you could get our highest variable rate on your savings as well.

  • Debit card

    Use your own money with the convenience of Visa. Available worldwide where Visa is accepted and EFTPOS is available.

  • Bank the way you like

    Choose how you do your banking - online, on your mobile, iPad, over the phone or at Australia Post outlets.

  • You're protected

    In the rare event of fraud, we can help. Plus your card has the added protection of Verified by Visa with participating merchants.

  • Joint bank account

    Need a combined household account for bills and the rest? Orange Everyday can also operate as a joint bank account.

  • Talk to us 24/7

    Our Australia-based customer care specialists are here 24/7 on 133 464.

Need help? Call us 24/7 on 133 464.


Where are the fees?

With no monthly fees, there's a whole lot of FREE going on.

  • Monthly account-keeping
  • BPAY
  • Pay anyone
  • EFTPOS transactions
  • Australia Post transactions
  • Bank cheque request sent via registered post
  • Dishonours
  • Replacement Visa card (in Australia or overseas)
  • Emergency replacement Visa card
  • Stop payment request on bank cheque
  • Replacement bank cheque
  • Token issue
  • Replacement token
  • Australia Post cheque dishonours
  • Expedited bank cheque request
  • Voucher request
  • Overdraft interest per annum
  • International purchase
    2.5% of transaction amount
  • International ATM withdrawal
    Australian ATM Fee Rebate
  • for transactions when you deposit at least $1,000 from an external bank account into a Personal ING DIRECT account in your name (excluding Living Super) by the last day of the preceding calendar month.
    100% of ATM fee
  • for any withdrawals if you or your joint account holder have an ING DIRECT home loan
    100% of ATM fee
  • Cash out bonus
  • for cash withdrawals of $200 or more at point-of-sale terminals (via EFTPOS)

Fees and limits schedule

Fees plus daily limits - e.g. withdrawals and transfers.

Terms & conditions

Straightforward fine print for lovers of lots of detail.

Need help? Call us 24/7 on 133 464.


Want to save a few dollars on your daily expenses?

Use our Cash-back-ulator to see what you could save with an Orange Everyday bank account. Every little bit counts! - even 2% cash back on the basics could add up to big savings over time.

How to get cash back

Deposit your salary of $1,000 or more each month into your Orange Everyday and you'll get 2% cash back on Visa payWave purchases under $100 in Australia.

  • on coffee per week
  • on petrol per week
  • on groceries per week
  • on taxis per week

That's an annual saving of approx.   520.00

As a new Orange Everyday customer, a 520.00 saving could have been enjoyed over 12 months if the Visa payWave purchases on everyday items were made with an Orange Everyday Card.

How to get started

Ready to switch and start using your Orange Everyday?

Whether you want your own account or a joint account, all you have to do is:

1. Open an account

Complete the short online form. At this point, we check your ID. Most times, we can do this instantaneously - but if we can't, we'll talk you through the steps needed.

2. Wait for your Visa Debit card

This takes 2-5 business days to land in your letterbox after we have checked your ID.

3. Switch your payments

Switch all regular payments - both in and out - and including your salary, to your new Orange Everyday account.

More on how to switch

You must be an Australian resident

You'll need an Australian mobile number

You'll need at least two forms of ID (e.g. Medicare card, drivers licence, passport or birth certificate)

You must be aged 18 or over

Have your existing Client Number handy if you're already with ING DIRECT

You'll need an email address

Ready? Open an Orange Everyday account now.